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The Augusta Tax Strategy - Everything You Need To Know

The Augusta Tax Strategy is often overlooked tax code loophole that has the potential to greatly benefit your business. Born in Augusta, Georgia, this strategy has the potential to save your business money, and the best part? It can be implemented anywhere in the U.S. Here are key points to help you implement the Augusta Tax Strategy:

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  • You can rent out your home to your business for up to 14 days per year at a fair market rate, tax-free. This applies to properties located within the U.S., and they do not need to be your primary residence.

  • Document your transactions diligently. Have a formal rental agreement, your business should issue a 1099-MISC for the rent paid, and then exclude it from your taxable income under IRC Section 280A (g).

  • Keep records of business activities during the rental period. This could include meeting minutes, attendee lists, daily agendas, and more.

  • Be cautious not to breach the 14-day limit.

  • This strategy cannot be used if your home is your primary place of business.

Interested in learning more about this strategy or need assistance implementing it? Contact me today to learn more about our tax preparation and consulting services tailored for small businesses. Let's work together to make your business journey a little bit easier! Best regards, Costa Shepin CPA

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